NITMES – Network in Transnational Memory Studies

NITMES  provides a platform for new debates in cultural memory studies. It looks for ways to conceptualise and to study cultural memory beyond the framework of the nation-state. Our long-term goal is to provide tools for understanding identity and heritage that are better fitted to the entanglements of the contemporary world.

NITMES has an especial interest in the role of media and the arts in the transnational production of ‘travelling’  narratives and commemorative practices, and how these effect social mobilisation within and across national borders.

NITMES brings together a number of scholars and institutions working in the field of cultural memory studies who will work together in the coming years. The first phase of the project will run to 2017. It is funded by NWO (The Dutch Research Council) and the participating institutions.

If you are interested in contributing to our activities, please contact us at: or