Special Section: “Scales of Memory.” Edited by Rosanne Kennedy and Maria Nugent in the Australian Humanities Review. Issue 59 April/May 2016                                                                                 

This special section of this issue of AHR, entitled Scales of Memory, emerged from a conference held at The Australian National University in collaboration with the Network in Transnational Memory Studies (NiTMES). ‘Scales of Memory’ alludes to the increasing use of the concepts of ‘scale’ and ‘scalarity’ in memory studies.


“Transnational Memory – Circulation, Articulation, Scales”. Edited by Chiara de Cesari and Ann Rigney.

How do memories circulate transnationally and to what effect? How to understand the enduring role of national memories and their simultaneous reconfiguration under globalization? Challenging the methodological nationalism that has until recently dominated the study of memory and heritage, this book charts the rich production of memory across and beyond national borders. Currently also available in paperback.


“Days and Memory”: A blog of the Initiative in Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Michael Rothberg)